During the current lockdown we're only offering grooming services where it is in the interest of the dog's welfare.



Based on new government guidance in January 2021, Love My Hound have introduced a number of rules, checks and balances to make sure your dog's welfare does not suffer while we all play our part in helping to reduce the spread of the covid-19 virus.

It is imperative we all make less journeys and limit our contact with each other. Our highly trained and experienced staff will assess the time between grooms and the condition of your dog's coat and skin before we offer you an appointment. This way we can help maintain your dog’s welfare and at the same time do our part by limiting the journeys you make through lockdown.




Long Haired Breeds

The matting of your dogs coat is both dangerous and uncomfortable. As matting intensifies, the risk of injury from cuts and even hematoma during a groom increases. It is therefore vital that regular professional grooming of your dogs coat is carried out. This includes the deep cleaning of your dog’s coat which is essential for the prevention of skin conditions and removes faeces from the sanitary area, followed by a professional brush through and clipping of the coat to reduces the risk of matting. If your dog shows any signs of matting that you are unable to brush out, seek the advice of a professional dog groomer.  


Short Haired Breeds

Bathing and deep cleaning of your dog’s coat helps prevent and sooth skin conditions. The build-up of bacteria on your dog’s skin can lead to infection and sores, it is vital that a routine of bathing is introduced in order to improve your dog’s comfort and welfare. If you are unsure as to the time scales of when and how often this should be carried out, please call for advice.


Puppy Grooming

Like children, puppy's behaviours are learned through good or bad experiences. It is therefore critical for a dog's psychological welfare that they learn to enjoy positive experiences of the groomers at an early age. A puppy should be introduced to grooming 3 times before the age of six months in order to prepare them for years of routine visits to a professional groomer. Long haired breeds in particular will need their first full hair cut around the age of six months as this is when the full adult coat is forming, matting is almost certain at this point if left unattended. Please call our experienced staff for advice on Puppy Grooms through lockdown.


Nail Clipping

Long nails on a dog can become dangerous. Longer nails not only cause discomfort when walking but are prone to breaking, this can lead to injury or infection. If left unattended dogs nails may also curl round into the dogs pads, this is particularly common in smaller breeds. Regular nail clipping is an essential part of your dog’s welfare. During the current virus peak, we will only be able to carry out nail clips with our wash or grooming services.



Our grooming is by appointment only and we ask that dogs are dropped off by one person. We practice a safe, contactless handover with social distancing measures in place. We will ask you to take your leads, collars and harnesses home with you to minimise the risk of contamination. All of our clients are washed first before all services are carried out to limit the risk to our staff. At the end of your dog’s groom we will call in advance to give you an accurate pick up time so that we can manage the flow of customers in the salon.

Where possible, why not make your dogs pick up or drop off part of your daily dog walk.




  • Large, highly trained and talented grooming team
  • Famous for Non-Patronising 5 Star Customer Service
  • NO CAGES....Hand drying only.
  • Premium 100% Natural Shampoos & Conditioners
  • 4 Day Availability - We do everything we can to get you an appointment within 4 days

Just give us a call to book or for friendly advise 02083533000

We are open Monday to Sunday 8am-8pm


      A fabulous full body hair cut & all the extras:

  • Consultation
  • Natural Premium Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Hair Cut and Style
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Nails Clipped
  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Dog Cologne

      X Small (Chihuahua, Teacup Yorkie) £37-£42

      Small (Shih Zhu, Maltese,Yorkshire Terrier) £42-£52

      Medium Dog (Cockerpoo, Cocker Spaniel) £52-£64

      Large Dog (Golden Retriever) £69

      XL Dog (Labradoodle) £79-£85

      XXL Dog (Newfoundland, Leonberger) £85-£120


      Perfect for in-between full grooms or to keep your pooch smelling fresh

  • Consultation
  • Natural Premium Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Professional Brush Through


  • Small Dog (Pug, Frenchie, Jack Russel) £20
  • Medium Dog (Bulldog, Staffie, Boxer) £25
  • Large Dog (Labrador, Doberman, Sharpei) £30


  • Small Dogs (Shih Zhu, Maltese,Yorkie) £25
  • Medium Dogs (Cockerpoo, Cocker Spaniel) £32
  • Large Dogs (Golden Retriever) £38
  • Extra Large Dogs (Newfoundland) £45





      A luxurious indulgent wash that includes a nail trim and all the extras

  • Consultation
  • Natural Premium Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Professional Brush Through
  • Up to 15 Mins of De-matting If Needed
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Nails Clipped
  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Dog Cologne


  • Small Dog (Pug, Frenchie, Jack Russel) £27
  • Medium Dog (Bulldog, Staffie, Boxer) £37
  • Large Dog (Labrador, Doberman, Sharpei) £43


  • Small Dogs (Shih Zhu, Maltese,Yorkie) £32
  • Medium Dogs (Cockerpoo, Cocker Spaniel) £42    
  • Large Dogs (Golden Retri) £53
  • Extra Large Dogs (Newfoundland) £63


      An introduction to bathing, drying and grooming

  • Consultation
  • Super Sensative Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Slow Warm Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Professional Brush Through
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Nails Clipped
  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Face, Paw and Sanitary Trim (Long Hair Breeds)

      Short Hair Breeds from £20 depending on size

      Long Hair Breeds from £30 depending on size



HAND STRIPPING & Other Treatments

We offer several other treatments including:

HAND STRIPPING for Bordier Terriers and other double coated breeds with a harsh bristly top coat, from £69

DE-SHED great for thick coats at times of the year when the coat is heavily shedding. Labradors, huskies, golden retrievers can all benefit from this service, probably twice a year. Just book in when you find the shedding too much to handle. Add £8 Small, Medium £12, Large £16 on top of the price of the your luxury wash

SPA WASH the ultimate treatment for your dog who needs a relaxing massage, conditioning skin treatment, cleansing mask and warm soft blowdry, from £30 (depending on size)

NAIL CLIPPING Little and often is the best way to keep your dogs nails healthy and pain free. This service is available for walk-ins and costs £12 or is included with our Luxury Wash & Ultimate Groom Services



Effective Oral Hygiene for Dogs without Anesthesia

  • Deep cleaning action, destroying bacteria
  • Removes bad breath
  • Cleanses Gum Pockets
  • Vibration-free, fast, gentle and silent
  • A revolutinary system with anti-flamitory effect
  • Can prolong your dogs healthy life span
  • Best prevention & protection against tartar build up

Moderate tartar build up requires an average of 2 sessions

> Treatments only £40 per session

> No Anesthetic, Stress-Free



Our popular collection & drop off service available to all customers across all breeds.

Simply make your appointment requesting BARK & COLLECT and we do the rest.

Our friendly collection service is carried out to the highest standards of care, looking after your furry friends as one of our own.

The treatment is carried out to your specification in our modern grooming salon in Beckenham and once completed your dog is returned to you looking amazing.

  • Available up to a 3 mile radius from Love My Hound
  • Minimum charge of £10
  • Consultation taken either via the phone or at your home.


Zoe Boyes

"The best groomers I’ve ever used! My dog Billy has been going to groomers for nearly 10 years and this is the only place he has felt comfortable! His groomer Louisa is absolutely amazing! So much patience! I wouldn’t take my baby anywhere else! Can’t recommend this place enough!"

Megan Jenkins

"Our little puppy came home smelling and looking beautiful. He was happy and relaxed, I definitely think he enjoys a pamper session. He has already said he wants to go back !!. Thank you x"

Beth Morrissey

"We took our Shih Tzu here for the first time this week and we were really pleased with our trip! Staff were super friendly, very receptive to what we wanted. His cut was fantastic and he smells delicious! Will be coming back for the next cut!"