Beco Ball - Extra Large

The Beco Ball is suitable for all breeds of dog. Made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres, making it tougher than many other toys. Being non-toxic, your dog won't be chewing on any nasty chemicals. 

Key Benefits

  • Hollow design is perfect for hiding treats in.
  • Made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres.
  • Super tough and durable.
  • Toxin free.
  • Vanilla scented.
  • Hollow cavity whistles when thrown.
  • Wobbly shape makes ball bounce and roll randomly.

Product Information

The vanilla scented ball has a hole in it which is ideal for putting treats in, but also causes a whistle when it's thrown through the air. The wobbly shape means it will bounce and roll randomly making the toy more fun and interactive!

Size Guide

Small - 5cm diameter.

Medium - 6.5cm diameter.

Large - 7.5cm diameter.

X-Large - 8.5cm diameter.