• Buster Food Cubes-Pedigree-Love My Hound
  • Buster Food Cubes-Pedigree-Love My Hound

Buster Food Cubes

Product Description

Buster Cubes aim to combine feeding and play in an interactive way, while mentally stimulating and increasing the dexterity of dogs and cats. Both canine and feline obesity are rising at an alarming rate, and these toys provide an aid to the owner to manage at least part of the dry feed diet not in a bowl. The Buster Cubes have different levels of difficulty, and the mental stimulation they create provides an increased level of exercise in combination with a normal walk. BUSTER says that the cubes and balls can assist in the reduction of separation anxiety and enrich a pet's lifestyle by means of positive stimulation. The range includes the Catmosphere, which is a weighted clear ball so cats can see the food, and by making the ball roll, they are rewarded with a piece of dry food being dispensed.

Catmosphere is also great for puppies to start with, they will then progress to the Buster Soft Cube, which delivers food every one in six rolls, and then to the Buster Cube with Matrix, which has internal paddles so there's only a one in 36 chance of being rewarded. By making the animals work harder for their food, you are stimulating them in a positive way increasing their enjoyment and reducing obesity.


Remove inner core and fill with dry food or treats. Shake food down into cube and replace inner core. Initially, you will need to introduce the cube to your dog by playing fetch games them. Once your dog understands that food is dispensed by playing with the cube, they will be able to be left alone with it.