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Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning


Purchase your sessions today on-line and we will call you to arrange a time for your appoinment or call 0208 353 3000 to speak to one of our team. 

Available in both our Beckenham and Hayes Salons. 

Vibration-Free Ultrasound System

  • Deep cleaning action, destroying bacteria
  • Removes bad breath
  • Cleanses Gum Pockets
  • Vibration-free, fast, gentle and silent 
  • A revolutinary system with anti-flamitory effect
  • Can prolong your dogs healthy life span
  • Best prevention & protection against tartar build up

How many sessions will my dog need ?

  • 2 sessions on average are required for minor to moderate tartar build up* 
  • Just £40 per session
  • Each initial session takes 40 mins

We advise booking a seperate session for the initial teeth cleaning. As your dog becomes conditioned to accept the teeth cleaning process it will then be possible to add following sessions and top-ups to your dogs grooming appointment.

Top-up sessions are available only once the teeth are clean.  They can be added to a grooming session or booked independently.  Top-ups are a £25 Teeth Cleaning session, 15 minutes for the whole mouth.  They must be carried out within 12 weeks of the last teeth cleaning appointment.  Top-ups are only applicable when the whole mouth is deemed as fully clean by our professional team.


* Severe cases of tartar build up may require up to 5 sessions