• Fabdog | Floppy Hanukkah Moose -Dog Toy-Fabdog-Love My Hound
  • Fabdog | Floppy Hanukkah Moose -Dog Toy-Fabdog-Love My Hound

Fabdog | Floppy Hanukkah Moose -Dog Toy


Is your dog just the best? Then he or she deserves some floppy friends!

With this plush Hanukkah moose, your puppy will never run out of occasions to play--and you'll get  much needed break from gnawing on your fingers.

Fitted with squeakers to add more fun for your pup

Size small 11" in height ( 1 Squeaker )

Size Large 15.5" in height ( 5 Squeakers )


Bred in 2002, fabdog® was started by founder and designer, Cassie Cole in her NYC apartment, out of the love for her cocker spaniel, Lucky. Committed to bringing an element of human style to the canine world, she curated the finest fabrics and craftsmanship, unprecedented in the pet industry at that time. Since then, fabdog® has grown into her life’s work and our greatest passion.

At fabdog®, we’ve always pushed the envelope with our cutting-edge designs. When competitors tried to follow suit, we innovated our approach to become the classic, high-quality toy and apparel company we are today.