Probably the most common question we are asked at Love My Hound is, "when should we come back" ?

The answer is entirely dependent on the type and length of your dogs coat, how you like it to be styled and how much time you are able to devote to brushing the coat through at home.

As part of the Love My Hound family we help to keep your grooming schedule on track with a Free Friendly Reminder Service.

Here is a quick guide to different types of Dog Coat and how Love My Hound has already started to make your grooming schedule easier to manage with our Friendly Reminder Service.



Between 2 weeks and once a month.

The easiest coat to maintain. Bull Dogs, Frenchies, Pugs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are just some of the examples of dogs with a shorter coat.

The key here is occasional but regular bathing with quality shampoos and a professional brush to deshed of all that dead hair. We advise a trip to Love My Hound every two weeks but at least once a month. .

A common problem with short haired breeds is that they suffer from Itchy and Dry Skin. Washing your dog with Quality shampoos and Conditioners such as 'Wild Wash' aren't just great for a dogs coat but they are also fantastic for cleaning up all that bacteria from their skin and allowing them to smell great again.


6 weeks to 8 Weeks

Think Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Cocker Spaniel or Irish Setter.

Dogs with silky coats can either be single coated as per the Yorkshire Terrier or Double Coated like the Cocker Spaniel. Both of these coat types share the characteristic of continuous growth and shed twice a year. Silky coats can be difficult to maintain and require daily brushing.

Here the length of time between trips to the groomers is all about the length of the cut. If you have like to have a very short cut on your dog then you may be able to come in for a groom every two to three months. However, any dog that leaves the groomer with more than an inch of hair should be booked back in within at least 6 weeks if matting and tangling are to be avoided. .


4 weeks to 6 Weeks

Here we have all the poodle mixes, Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Cavapoos.

Any hair longer than 1/2 Inch needs to be brushed through at least 4 times a week and hair longer than an inch should be brushed through every day.

These breeds are the most likely to mat. Always remember, severe matting can cause many serious complications, so with these breeds it is imperative to have a planned grooming schedule.

The majority of breeds with this hair type should be at the groomers every 4 to 6 weeks, with only exceptionally short hair cuts being able to leave it to 8 weeks until they return.

At Love My Hound we have many poodle mix clients on regular maintenance grooms every 3 weeks for a wash, condition, brush through and light trimming work, returning in another 3 weeks to have The Ultimate Full Groom within which we style their full body haircut.


Short - Full De-Shed every 3 months ,
Additional Wash every 4 to 6 weeks
Medium/Long - Full Groom every 7 to 8 weeks.

Double-Coated dogs have a water repellent top coat and a soft warm undercoat.

Labradores or Akitas are among those who have short double-coats. They sport a straight top coat up to an inch long with a thick downy undercoat.These dogs are seasonal shedders who should visit the groomers at least 4 times a year to de-shed all that dead hair and liven up that coat. In addition these dogs benefit from a Luxury Wash every 3 to four weeks to freshen up the coat and to help wash bacteria from the coat that leads to bad smells.

Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are examples of dogs with a medium/long double coats that often can become tangled and matted. With a coat length of up to 2.5 inches these dogs require regular brushing and de-shedding. Most have long feathers on their feet, legs, bellies, bottoms and ears that will require trimming work to bring them back into perfect shape. Here a groom every 7 to 8 weeks would be in good order.

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