GULA | Bamboo Dog Bowl Stand


Introducing our bamboo food and water bowl stand, an environmentally friendly and sustainably designed accessory that literally elevates the eating and drinking comfort of your pet. Made from high-quality bamboo, this stand not only adds a natural and warm element to your interior but also provides a practical solution for a comfortable eating and drinking experience for your dog.

Features of the food bowl stand:

  • Natural design: The bamboo stand adds a natural and warm element to your pet's environment. It seamlessly fits into various interior styles and offers a soothing ambiance.

  • Durable and environmentally friendly: Made from sustainable bamboo, the stand contributes to an eco-conscious choice. Enjoy a product that is not only strong and robust but also considers our planet.

  • Two available sizes: The bamboo stand is available in two sizes to accommodate the needs of different pets.

Size M: Height: 26.5CM / Diameter 19CM - Suits size M dog bowl               

Size L: Height: 31CM / Diameter 20.5CM - Suits size L dog bowl

  • Enhances comfort: Place the bowl on the raised stand to improve your pet's posture during eating or drinking. It promotes healthier digestion and reduces pressure on joints.

  • Easy to assemble: The bamboo stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to move and store.

  • Available separately for flexibility: Each bowl has its own stand, giving you the freedom to place the food and water bowls separately. This provides flexibility for different feeding habits or to allow guest dogs to drink in a neutral spot.

Our GULA dog bowl stand offers your pet a natural and comfortable eating and drinking experience. Seamlessly integrate your interior with your pet's needs with this practical and stylish addition.