Hiro + Wolf Faithfulness 'Classic' Lead


Our new Ghana collection features hand printed African wax fabric sourced on Bee's recent trip to Ghana. This pretty print reminds us of the Adinkra Symbol of Faithfulness 'Osrane Ne Nsoromma' which teaches the importance of fondness, faithfulness and friendship. Reward your best doggie friend with the new faithfulness Collection.

Our patterned dog leashes are backed onto tough polyester webbing and stitched with nylon thread. We use high quality 'lobster claw' trigger snap hooks with a spring-close gate for extra security and solid D rings, making them ideal leads for large dogs (and small strong ones!).

Handmade in England our designer dog leads are rigorously tested by Hiro and Wolf on muddy walks through Hackney marshes and the occasional shopping trip to Liberties.



Regularly clipped: 105cm

Unclipped: 120cm

Short clipped: 85cm



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