• Pet Hates | Queen Consort Camilla - Dog Toy-Pet Hates-Love My Hound
  • Pet Hates | Queen Consort Camilla - Dog Toy-Pet Hates-Love My Hound
Pet Hates

Pet Hates | Queen Consort Camilla - Dog Toy


It's the meow-narch's missis Queen Camilla in parody, squeaky, dog toy form!  Available in small and regular size toys, she's paw-fectly dressed to impress.

  • Complete with coiffured hair and dripping with diamonds and pearls, this fun dog toy would not look out of place on any catwalk, or in any paw-lace.

    Designed in the UK

    • 100% unofficial, and unendorsed parody pet toys.
    • Our dog & cat toys are tested to child safety standards in EU, USA & Australia/NZ – see FAQs for more details.
    • Made from a double-stitched, strong poly-canvas material and stuffed with polyester.
    • All dog toys complete with 2 squeakers! One in the head, and one in the tummy.
    • Both squeakers are within nylon pockets, giving you that extra bit of time to retrieve the toy should your pooch gain access.
    • Designed to be a tough, durable toy. The body and arms are constructed from one piece of fabric, making them perfect for tug of war.
    • We have reinforced the seams of our parody dog toys with cotton ribbon, but  his meow-jesty is not indestructible, so carefully monitor play.
    • Although our toys are one of the best, long-lasting toys for dogs, they are not intended for strong chewers.
    • See our features video for more info.


      SMALL DOG: 23cm tall, 22cm wide.

      REGULAR: 34cm tall, 29cm wide.