Our hugely popular luxury dog grooming salons can be found in Beckenham, Hayes and Chatterton Road in Bromley, Kent.


 A fabulous groom, a full body hair cut & all the extras:

  • Consultation
  • Natural Premium Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Hair Cut and Style
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Nails Clipped
  • Nourishing Paw Balm
  • Long-lasting Dog Cologne


All grooming prices are determined by time, coat condition, behaviour, regular appointment and technical difficulty of the groom. They are all individual to the dog. The below prices are a to give you a GUIDE ONLY.

Each breed of dog can be a variety of sizes, especially mixed breeds. The below based on good coat condition, regular appointment every 6 weeks and reasonable grooming behaviour.


  • BAND A - Long Haired Chihuahua - £51
  • BAND B - Miniature Yorkie - £57
  • BAND C - Shih tzu / Westie / Cavalier Spaniel £62
  • BAND D - Miniature Schnauzer / Bichon - £68
  • BAND E - Cocker Spaniel - £74
  • BAND F - Standard Schnauzer - £84
  • BAND G - Standard Poodle - From £90
  • BAND H - Old English Sheepdog - From £104


Doodle Breeds Due to the vast differences in sizes and coat types across the full spectrum of doodle breeds, below is a GUIDE ONLY to our average prices per breed. Each dog will be assessed and priced accordingly. Doodle breeds have a starting Band of C.

  • BAND C - Maltipoo - From £62
  • BAND E - Cockapoo - From £68
  • BAND G - Labradoodle / Goldendoodle - From £90
  • BAND J - Sheepadoodle - From £120


A luxurious groom, taylor made for double-coated breeds. With specialist De-Shed shampoo and a full de-shed.

  • Consultation
  • Natural Premium Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Full De-Shed
  • Trimmed furnishings where required
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Nails Clipped
  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Dog Cologne



All grooming prices are determined by time, coat condition, behaviour and difficulty of the groom. The below prices are based on good coat condition and reasonable grooming behaviour.

  • Pomeranian - £62
  • Spitz / Sheltie - £68
  • Husky / Border Collie - £74
  • Large Husky / Large Border Collie / Akita Long Hair - £84
  • Long Haired German Shepherd / Chow / Golden Retriever / Rough Collie - £90
  • Malamute / Bernese / St Bernard - From £104
  • Newfie - From £120


 A luxurious indulgent wash that includes a nail trim and all the extras

  • Consultation
  • Natural Premium Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Professional Brush
  • Up to 10 Mins of De-matting If Needed
  • Nails Clipped
  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Ear Cleansing, Paw Pad Balm & Dog Cologne


  • Miniature Dachshund - £34
  • Pug/Frenchie/Italian Greyhound/Staffie - £37
  • English Bulldog/Bull Terrier/Beagle - £44
  • Standard Labrador / Vizsla /Boxer/Dalmatian/Lurcher - £48
  • Rottweiler/ Large Labrador - £54
  • Cane Corso - £65


  • Miniature Yorkie / JRT - £37
  • Shih tzu - £39
  • Show/English Cocker Spaniel £50
  • Standard Poodle - From £68
  • Old English Sheepdog - From £77


An introduction to bathing, drying and grooming for Dogs under 6 months old.

Since we opened our doors in 2016 we have groomed over 30,000 dogs. Many of our regulars clients first started out with us as puppies. Over the years we have learned that dogs that have a positive grooming experiences in the first six months often go on to enjoy their grooming much more in adult life. We recommend aiming for 3 puppy grooms before your dog reaches 6 months.

  • Consultation
  • Super Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioned Wash
  • Slow Warm Blow Dry by Hand (No Cages)
  • Professional Brush Through
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Nails Clipped
  • Paw Pad Balm
  • Face, Paw and Sanitary Trim (Long Hair Breeds)


SHORT/SMOOTH COAT BREEDS ( Example - Frenchie ) - £30

LONG HAIRED BREEDS ( Example - Cockapoo ) - £42

GIANT BREEDS - ( Example - Newfie ) From £54 depending on Size/Age


HAND STRIPPING & Other Treatments


We offer several other treatments including:

HAND STRIPPING for Bordier Terriers and other double coated breeds with a harsh bristly top coat, from £96. All our handstrips include a pre-wash, nails, ears and pads cleaned.

SMOOTH / SHORT COAT - DE-SHED great for thick coats at times of the year when the coat is heavily shedding. Great for Frenchies, Bulldogs, Pugs and Labradors. Just book in when you find the shedding too much to handle. Quoted by size of dog. From £9 to £18.

NAIL CLIPPING Little and often is the best way to keep your dog's nails healthy and pain free. This service costs £15.50 or for giant breeds £19, simply make an appointment in the usual way. Nail trims can take anywhere from 3 to 15 mins depending on the behaviour of the dog. Nail trims are included with our Luxury Wash & Ultimate Groom Services




Effective Oral Hygiene for Dogs without Anaesthesia

  • Deep cleaning action, destroying bacteria
  • Removes bad breath
  • Cleanses Gum Pockets
  • Vibration-free, fast, gentle and silent
  • A revolutionary system with anti-inflammatory effect
  • Can prolong your dog's healthy life span
  • Best prevention & protection against tartar build up

Moderate tartar build up requires an average of 3 sessions

> Treatments only £44 per session

> No Anaesthetic, Stress-Free


Our team of 20 dedicated professional dog groomers. We have dedicated ourselves to the welfare of the dogs in our local community. Covering Beckenham, Crystal Palace, Norwood, Norbury, Penge, Hayes Bromley, Chatterton, Bickley, Shortlands, Eden Park, Elmers End, Chislehurst, Keston, Orpington, West Wickham and Selsdon.


Zoe Boyes

"The best groomers I’ve ever used! My dog Billy has been going to groomers for nearly 10 years and this is the only place he has felt comfortable! He looks absolutely amazing! So much patience! I wouldn’t take my baby anywhere else! Can’t recommend this place enough!"

Megan Jenkins

"Our little puppy came home smelling and looking beautiful. He was happy and relaxed, I definitely think he enjoys a pamper session. He has already said he wants to go back !!. Thank you x"

Beth Morrissey

"We took our Shih Tzu here for the first time this week and we were really pleased with our trip! Staff were super friendly, very receptive to what we wanted. His cut was fantastic and he smells delicious! Will be coming back for the next cut!"